About Me

There really is no short version to my story.  So I'll start with journey of struggling with my weight for a long time for a lot of reasons.  I started out doing Zumba and that motivated me to start doing other types of exercise.  You can say you really want to lose  or gain weight and you can pinky swear you'll eat healthier, but the TRUTH of the matter is; until YOU decide it's time to act and push toward your goals nothing else matters.  There were days I really didn't feel like working out but the days I pushed my limits and realized there are no limits.  Since this realization, I try to break records regularly if I can.  I try to jump high and dance longer, because that's how you become the BEST VERSION OF YOU.  The MAIN thing to remember is: like the song "We Fall Down But We Get Up"-Donnie McClurkin, as long as you get back up again, it doesn't matter how many times you've fallen.  The finish line is just around the corner. 

For a complete bio - including my professional certifications and my unique approach to fitness - simply give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

With times that seem full of uncertainty, it has been my pleasure to be able to provide ongoing virtual group fitness classes and personal training along with in-person.  I would love to take this journey with you and help you along the way.